Atitlan Lake Guatemala

1 bus, 1 colectivo, 1 ride on a old tricycle, 2 chicken bus in total 25 hours just to arrive from Oaxaca Mexico to Atitlan Lake in Guatemala 

Lake Atitlán is referred to as “Eden on Earth” and as soon as you reach its azure shores you will understand why.

Stunning panoramic views greet you every which way you turn upon arrival to the lake, making you feel that if there is a heaven then surely it looks a lot like this. The gentle giant body of water is ringed by three impressive volcanoes and tall emerald green hills, and it’s not hyperbole in the least to call the views stunning.

Mayan tribes set up towns all around the lake centuries ago, and the largest of those settlements remain. A few towns along the lake have become havens for backpackers, hippies, and adventurous expats, and are home to hundreds of tourists. Atitlan is quickly becoming one of  Guatemala’s most popular tourist destinations.

Honestly, it’s not surprising, and it’s pretty easy to see why the lake has become so popular. To gaze upon its shore is to fall in love with Lake Atitlan. Lovers of nature and water activities will find a ton of things to do in Lake Atitlan, and Iconsider this a destination not to be missed while visiting Latin America.